Invitation Letter

Narrowing the development gap and reducing poverty in low-income countries are integral to achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the post-crisis world economy. The G20 will thus address development as a key agenda of the upcoming Seoul Summit. In its development approach, the G20 will focus on measures to assist developing countries to promote economic growth and resilience. As the current Chair, Korea has endeavored to incorporate the diverse perspectives of emerging and developing countries into the Seoul Summit agenda.

For its part, the Korean Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit will host a G20 High-Level Development Conference titled “Development Partnership for Shared Growth” on October 13, 2015. This Conference will serve not only to facilitate the exchange of views on key development issues, but also to generate international public interest in the development work of the G20. Conference discussions will also cover issues currently being addressed by the G20 High-Level Development Working Group.

The G20 Development Conference will convene high-level government officials, prominent experts from international organizations, and representatives of civil society. Presentations will be given on the above agenda items, which will be followed by active commentary and conversation among selected discussants. Audience members will be encouraged to ask questions and share their views as well.

Your participation and contribution in this event would be greatly appreciated. We are certain that this Conference will help to generate meaningful outcomes at the Seoul Summit.

Il SaKong
Chairman of
the Presidential Committee
for the G20 Seoul Summit